Stephanie is available for comment and interviews, so do please get in touch. (Stephanie is also a confident public speaker, with a background in broadcasting.)

Review copies of Bone Lines are available to press/bloggers on request.

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Book details:

Key talking points around Bone Lines might include: The rise of ‘CliFi’ (fiction with the theme/context of climate change); defying genre and crossing over from historical; literary and science fiction; women in science; evolution,  survival, human ancestry and migration; the clash between faith and reason; nature vs nurture; the search for meaning.

Areas of interest concerning the author might include: why the interest in science and human nature, why tackle a ‘book of ideas’ in a genre-led commercial market; what’s it like to make a literary debut later in life (and the surprising attitudes from some female readers to a sexually interested/attractive older female character!); what was your experience of crowdfunding; how do you establish a distinctive voice in a crowded market; making space to pursue your passion in a busy working life; did a childhood abroad shape a certain world view, etc?

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