In Praise of Readers

27 September 2018 Stephanie


What a thrill ride it has been to launch Bone Lines! Everything about the book-making experience is new and wonderful (and occasionally terrifying) but nothing means more than the reactions of readers. As writers we occupy these inner realms of our own making until, eventually, we are ready to invite others in. No guest is obliged to like our particular worlds, and each subjective response is equally valid and valuable. But reading in turn about the individual experiences of my book (especially when, so far, they seem to have been thoroughly enjoyable) makes all those lonely hours hunched over a laptop – and subsequent visits to the osteopath – worthwhile.

So please forgive  the trumpet blowing that follows (which, admittedly, is also a talisman against any responses that may not be so positive) but after 10 years of work, it feels ridiculously good to be able to share the reactions to my book that have come in to date. A few highlights below…


Authors and Editors:

“Gracefully written, carefully researched, and always alert to the issues it raises, the dual narrative of Stephanie Bretherton’s debut novel reaches far across time to relate the interwoven stories of two women – a genetic scientist addressing the complexities of contemporary experience, and one of our earliest ancestors as she engages in a physical and spiritual ordeal of survival. Bone Lines is a brave and moving adventure of the imagination.”

Lindsay Clarke, author of the prize-winning The Chymical Wedding


“A monument to the timelessness of human nature, and a work of art… a masterpiece of pacing.  Bretherton ignites her characters with a life, complexity, a personality with which any number of readers will identify and empathise with. The author should be as overjoyed as I was impressed with this debut novel (the first, I hope, of many).”

Naomi Moore, Editor, New Orbit literary magazine


“Bretherton weaves a cat’s cradle of human history, from the panoramic overview to day-to-day existence. An accomplished debut …definitely one to watch.”

Su Bristow, author of the prize-winning Sealskin


“A brilliant, genre-defying read, Bone Lines deftly unravels the wonder of oneness…”

Barbara Bos, Editor, Women Writers, Women’s Books


Book Bloggers:

“Opening up new worlds… what powerful fiction does best… a novel to be appreciated on many different levels. Ambitious and brave yet effortlessly pulled off…Like Sapiens …if fictionalised and seen through the eyes of two fierce and admirable women.”

5/5 for Bone Lines from Sara Wingfield, Zero Filter Books


“I fell in love from the first chapter. The stories beautifully entwined with one another… I felt a strong connection with both women and a great affection for them. Stephanie has an amazing touch when it comes to writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.”

Secret World of a book blogger


“This is historical fiction, and yet it is also evolutionary, philosophical and features genetics, migration and climate change. The author invites her readers to discover the journey of our ancestors. To reach far into the past and live through their struggles, determination and watch them influence our future. Compelling… a fascinating read…”

Cheryl Morgan-Muir


“The story is so beautifully written and told… it comes together brilliantly. The letters to Charles Darwin fascinated me….  the research is outstanding and deserves credit. Highly Recommended.”

John Fish


“A very well thought out tale full of surprises and giving the reader some interesting ideas and thoughts to ponder. I especially enjoyed the letters to Charles Darwin. All in all, an enjoyable read featuring two strong female protagonists.”

Paul Bennett


“A beautifully crafted book that unashamedly mixes scientific fact, with a fictional storyline. The author beautifully weaves the stories of both women throughout the book and created two amazing heroines. Both Eloise and Sarah are well-rounded and it is easy to empathise with them.”

Laura Morningstar


“Stephanie’s writing style is beautiful. Every sentence is a masterpiece – not too complicated for a simple reader, and yet having the taste of sophistication. I highly recommend Bone Lines!”

The Book Dragon


“Science, philosophy, religion, gender, morality, history, all bound up in the fascinating story of two women living 74,000 years apart. A very ambitious and intelligent book, meticulously researched, and pulled off beautifully and I look forward to seeing what comes next.”

Julie Morris


“Manages to combine a number of subjects to make a rich and unusual story… makes you think about your own history and where you might come from. A great book club choice as there is lots to discuss.”

Joanne Parr


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